by Kate Dawn Smith

A woman's journey from trusting the blind faith she was raised to believe in to trusting in herself

She married young like many Christian girls did. It was the only way to have sex without sin. She never aspired to be in church leadership and yet, here she was, singing on the Praise team and leading choirs, the Music Minister's wife. She always played her role well, though, obedient daughter, beaming bride, supportive, no submissive wife. She may have been lulled into complacency in those roles had her husband treated her well, like her father had treated her mother. But this marriage was too oppressive. The church was cultish and misogynistic. Every opportunity she tried to pursue was blockaded. Since the Pastor's mandates were was considered to be directly from God, this musically talented family wouldn't be permitted to leave anytime soon.


Although it may mean abandoning all social ties 

she had ever known, she would have to

build a way out, for herself and for her children. 


Kate Smith currently lives in Washington state with her new, wonderfully loving and supportive husband where she has a successful government career.

Two of her children live at home and

two of her children are grown and

starting their own adventures.

Projected Release, June 2022

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On Kate's blog you can find stories touching on deconversion, but also her explorations of previously forbidden ideas, post-religion. There you can find unique book reviews, thoughts on world events and poetry.

 Her aim is to examine all aspects of modern society that do not serve the human spirit, including but not limited to religion. New approaches to life are explored so that we can all pursue a more peaceful, natural and harmonious way of living.

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